Creative applications of scarcity principles.

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One day, kid,

Somebody’s gonna love you something fierce.

I know you don’t believe me now. I know you only see one star is that big wild night sky.

I wish I could pin the moon in your hair, and keep you from hurting; snatch that faraway look right out of your eyes; lay a bag of frozen peas across your burnt heart.

It doesn’t seem probable right now, baby sister; like falling in love on the subway, or watching the tree across the street from your house get rent by lightning.

But some man is gonna love you through and through, and the ocean won’t seem as big, and space not quite so infinite. Or maybe it’s the opposite, and everything will expand, like reality taking one big breath and holding it in. That will be how it feels when he looks at you from the doorway and pauses while bringing in the groceries. 


そこを触って~ by 河CY
My boyfriend thinks I should focus my powers.

If I focus my powers, the world will be at my mercy.

If I can just remember there is nothing to fear, I will have all of everything nestled in the palm of my hands, sparking kinetic lighting from my fingertips.

If I focus my powers, babe, I will be unstoppable.

Are you ready for that?

Yeah you know.

First Lesbian Couple Get Married At Tokyo Disney Resort - japanCRUSH


I want this on my blog always.
Get up, get down.

Werner Haymann - Planet des Grauen, 1979.

Practice this always. You deserve to feel good about yourself!

Radical practices.
My Own Private Garden

I change into the shirt you left me

As soon as I get home, cloistering myself

Behind bedroom walls and

Stripping all else beside

This shirt, white with blue stripes.

I pull the neckline over my nose,

Press the fibers into my face with

My palms, gather and twist it

In my fingers, and breathe.

You only wore it once so

The scent of you in it is faint (not like

The first shirt you gave me, which you’d

Made love to me for three days in), but

Occasionally I catch it and swell,

My love crystalized and expanding

Exponentially until like over-pollenated

Buds, it bursts forth delicate flowers.

I bury my face and inhale again.